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Sun Clock 6 



Sun Clock 6 can be configured in three versions:

1.    The free “Map Maker Edition” in which 

  • The world's surface is represented with satellite imagery from the NASA Goddard Spaces Flight Centre enhanced with 3D terrain data to give a colourful portrayal of the physical geography of the planet.

  • The area of the globe where it is night-time is shown in shadow. The darkness of the shadow can be set by the user. Where the sun and the moon are both below the horizon, the night time shadow is darker still.

  • As an area moves into the night-time shadow, town and city lights are turned on.

  • To help you plan international phone calls, a "fast forward" dial allows you to advance the time shown on the Sun Clock.

  • The yellow and white boxes on the map show the time at these locations. Before noon the boxes are white, after noon they become yellow. 

  • You may choose the cities you wish to display with their times from a database of more than 2,700 cities, or enter your own additional locations.

  • The world map, which uses the familiar Mercator projection, is automatically centred on your chosen location.

  • The centre of the analogue clock shows the current phase of the moon. 


  • Sun Clock can be configured for different screen sizes including wide format screens. In wide-format mode, the world map fills most of the screen, a design  well suited for use as a wall clock. A computer with a graphics card that supports two monitors allows Sun Clock can be configured to display on the second monitor as a wall clock while the primary monitor is being used as usual.

  • Sun Clock is a stand-alone Windows application which can be configured as a screensaver.

  • The display of Sun Clock 6 can be translated into languages other than English.

  • The clean look of the program in "wall clock mode" is achieved by hiding the set up button, the "advance time" control, the caption bar and the Windows task bar. The striking image of the Sun Clock world map fills the entire screen. 



2.    The “Personal Edition” includes all of the above plus facilities to:

  • add your personal caption above the place name and remove the Map Maker name and logo 

  • display your latitude and longitude

  • show astronomical information, including the Julian date, GMT, the phase of the moon, the distance to the sun, the time of the next moon rise or set.

  • display a separate, interactive, night and day Sky View. The controls allow you to view the transformations of the sky dome above you as it appears from any angle, at any time during the next twenty four hours. While the sun is above the horizon, the lines indicate the sun's path though out the year and the positions of the sun and moon. As the sun sets, the constellations appear drawn from a database of more than 9,000 stars. The movement of the the major planets, the “plane of the ecliptic”, the galactic equator and the “shadow of the earth” are shown.

  • display Sky View as screen saver instead of the world map.


Detail of the night sky




A single-user licence for the Personal Edition of Sun Clock 6 costs 25 UK pounds (plus VAT within the EU). This is a one-off payment.



3.   The “Corporate Edition” include the features of the Personal edition plus the following features:

  • The Map Maker logo and name are replaced with your company or institutional  logo, name, and a link to your web site. 

  • The background colour is set to your corporate colour. 

  • The set of locations, such as office locations, you wish to show on the map can be pre-configured.

  • You may distribute this program freely to your customers and colleagues. 

An annual licence for the customized Sun Clock costs 1,500 UK pounds (plus VAT in the EU). Contact us.

If you have any other customisation needs we will be happy to discuss them.


The Sun Clock software is by Map Maker Ltd in Scotland.

The world map makes use of the "Blue Marble" data from the NASA Goddard Spaces Flight Centre (author Reto Stöckli) and  the "TerrainBase" Worldwide Digital Terrain Data of the US National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder Colorado.

System requirements

Sun Clock is designed for Microsoft Windows. There is no version for Macs. It will run on Windows 98 or ME, though we strongly recommend Windows 2000 or XP. It has been successfully tested on computers with 96Mb but we recommend 256Mb or more. The best depth of colour is achieved using a good quality LCD or Plasma screen. Sun Clock 6 can be used on an 800 x 600 pixel display but we recommend higher resolutions.




To buy a licence for the Personal Edition of Sun Clock 6 click here. The Personal Edition of Sun Clock 6 can only be licensed to an individual. It cannot be licensed in the name of a company or other organization.

Note: all computers are different. We recommend that you download the program and try it on your system to ensure that it works satisfactorily before purchasing it.